Bodyguard Agencies

A bodyguard is a private security operative or a government agent who protects his client, a celebrity or an otherwise important person, from kidnapping, assault, stalking or other types of physical harm. Bodyguards usually work for bodyguard agencies, and it is the agencies which take the responsibility of protecting a client, by employing a bodyguard on behalf of the client.

Unlike what Hollywood would have you believe, a bodyguard almost never works alone. Even for clients who are only protected by a single bodyguard at any time, there would need to be another bodyguard who will replace the first bodyguard when his shift has finished. This is especially true if the client, or the principle, as they are also known as, is being protected round the clock. By employing a bodyguard agency, you are assured that they will take over this responsibility of giving you a complete security solution.

Role of Bodyguard Agencies

In many states, and countries, a bodyguard is a security professional who needs a license to work as a bodyguard, or Executive Protection officer as they are also known. The state law and regulations may also expect a bodyguard to complete certifications or courses in that domain. Once you hire a bodyguard agency for your security needs, you can be assured that the bodyguards employed by the agency have been vetted by the agency, and that they fulfill the aforementioned requirements.

Furthermore, the role of the bodyguard is a sensitive one. You do not want a bodyguard with questionable antecedents protecting you. The bodyguard agencies are usually run by ex-Secret Service or ex-military personnel with an impeccable career behind them. The bodyguards they employ have already been checked for their history and dependability, so you can be sure that the person protecting you has proved himself in other past jobs to the satisfaction of experienced professionals.

How to Hire a Bodyguard Agency

As with other services, you should first collect a list of all the agencies that are active in your city or location of interest, then you may ask people who have employed these agencies about the quality of service offered by them.

One of the more important factors that should help you choose an agency is the type of protection that you require, and the type of protection that the agency specializes in providing. For example, if your requirements are for crowd control, you are better off not calling an agency which specializes in anti-terrorism security. Many bodyguard agencies also work internationally, so if you have security requirements that span international borders, you can employ their services in multiple nations. Many Hollywood celebrities have been known to use US Executive Protection agencies when they visit other countries, which have included developing countries.

Insurance and Licenses for a Bodyguard Agency

Make sure that the bodyguard agency has its paperwork in order, and has the license to operate as a professional security firm. Otherwise it is as good as asking your friend to become your bodyguard. He may even carry a firearm, but his license to carry that firearm might be a restricted one – for example conceal and carry. You should also inquire the agency about whether they have insurance, and what type of insurance cover do they have.

The services of a good bodyguard agency might not be cheap, but so isn't security of mind and body.

Bodyguard Agencies

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