Security Guard Job

Career Paths of the Security Guard

There are many security based professions in the world today. These security guard jobs vary from unarmed individuals protecting warehouses and mall, to people who are contracted to work as heavily armed private security force members in military operation theaters. There are a wide number of security guard job positions available through many pathways of employment. Each level of employment requires a different type of training, certification, or licensing. These differing levels also offer exponentially higher pay.

What Type of Security Guard Job Positions are Available World Wide?

A security guard job is basically one designed around securing and protecting something. This something might be a building, a temporary location such as a check point, or personnel. The later can sometimes be referred to as bodyguard work. The three main types of security guard work are: Unarmed, Armed, and Operational Theater.


The unarmed security guard is far and away the most numerous member of this profession. This type of security guard job requires the least amount of training at the entry level. The type of training and certification requirements change by the country or region. For instance, the United States has the requirements for security guard work to change from state to state. Most require a security guard to have never garnered a fellow or to have committed a serious crime.

An unarmed security guard is an individual that generally only needs a reasonable public education, such as highschool diploma or some form of equivalency, and a relatively clean criminal record. While the need to be in shape physically is not predominant it does help. There are many types of unarmed security guards. They are seen in malls, as club bouncers, and as warehouse security to name a few types. These individuals might carry a tazer or some other type of submission related weapon but they are not allowed to carry firearms.


Armed security guards are the next echelon of security guard job types. This level of guard work includes the need to wield a fire arm. Security guards in this line of work may be security for a government installation, private community, armored car, or any other type of security guard who is allowed to use deadly force in the interest of their work if necessary. The same legal restrictions apply to a security officer that apply to an average citizen in the countries where armed security guard jobs are available.

The typical armed security guard will be required to undergo a firearm safety course, become fully certified in a legally acceptable training course, and have a nearly spotless criminal record. Some countries do not allow this type of security guard at all unless there are major restrictions in place. There are also some countries that simply do not allow it under any circumstances.

Operational Theater

Operational theater security guards are price security officers who are either attached to a military unit, or are assigned by their company to guard a corporate location or important official. Some individuals wrongly refer to these private security forces as mercenaries. The only major difference between the armed echelon and this type of work is the fact that security guard jobs of this level are performed in active or recently active war zones. Popular locations for this sort of work recently have been Afghanistan and Iraq, for instance.

The same restrictions generally apply for operational theater work as they do for armed security guards. However, the individuals at this level either need extensive training in the military, police force, or armed private security before they will even be considered for a position in this field. Typically companies in the operational theater security field are interested in special forces type soldiers or individuals who have served at least four or five years in an active military as an individual who has deployed to a war zone.

Security Guard Job

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