Where to find a bodyguard job

Prominent people always require security. Politicians, actors, actresses, sports personalities and even businessmen are constantly bombarded by security threats. They need someone who can provide them security, loyalty and protection. Not everyone can provide these kinds of services except for one, bodyguards.

Basic Bodyguard Jobs Requirements and Sets of Training

The job of a bodyguard is not for everyone. Only individuals who are physically healthy, mentally alert and emotionally stable are recommended to enter bodyguard jobs. It requires a bold spirit and a courageous heart for you to face the challenges that you will encounter along the way. Nevertheless, these are only the basic requirements that you will need if in case you do desire to choose bodyguard jobs. The other set of skills which you will need to in bodyguard jobs include unarmed combat or martial arts training like karate, judo, and taekwondo, weapons disarming, gun handling, defensive and offensive car driving, psychological training and non verbal language training like counter surveillance and risk assessments.

Bodyguard Jobs and Training Schools

There are several bodyguard training schools which can offer the above mentioned training for you. Once you passed these trainings you will be given a certification which you can present to several bodyguard agencies in different countries. Most of these training courses will require you to attend a rigorous three to five days training which involves both theory and drill applications. It also uses different educational materials to further aid you in understanding the importance of each activity.

In choosing a bodyguard training school, it would be best to choose those which offers small student/instructor ration. Remember that the techniques and skills which you will learn are intended to save the life of your future client and yourself. You should know how to properly execute these skills when the need arises otherwise the entire training that you've spent will be useless. Choose only schools that are accredited by the government and those that are willing to provide you a certification of completion. Most agencies require their future bodyguards to submit proof of credentials and it will certainly benefit you if you have these certificates at your disposal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bodyguard Jobs

If you are looking for a high paying job which will require you to meet dignitaries and notable personalities, bodyguard jobs is definitely be the intended career for you.

Bodyguard jobs provide an excellent amount of salaries ranging from $55,000 to $180,000 a year. Nevertheless, it will require you to stay away from your family for a long period of time while your contract exists. Your boss owns you and that includes your time. There will be very few moments given to you to see your family because you will always be on the look-out for possible threats that may come along the way of your client. Nevertheless, you will definitely the time of your life and the liberty to travel in different places and without having to worry about the expenses. All you need to do is to secure the safety of your client and you will be paid after you have rendered full service to him or to her.

Set up your bodyguard jobs account online and start with your career

Once you have complied with these set of requirements, you can easily pass your job application to several online bodyguard agencies like www.bodyguard-job.com, www.bodyguardjobs.org, American VIP Protection and MPP Body Guard Security. You simply need to upload your resume and certificates to these websites and their human resource department will try to check if you are the right man for the job. In most cases, they hire applicants with a minimum age of 21 who has passed the basic bodyguard trainings explained earlier in this article.

Where to find a bodyguard job

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