Bodyguard Careers

The number of career options available today to choose from as apposed to those that were available maybe a decade ago are way more. With specialization becoming the key ingredient of any service, a plethora of specialised services have surfaced in the last few years. One of the few career opportunities that may not have seemed as lucrative and beneficial, just a few years ago has now become one of the most respected professions today.

Being a bodyguard today commands a lot of respect but demands a lot of responsibility as well. If you are looking for a career that allows you to exploit the inherent nature in yourself that of helping and protecting others from various security threats, bodyguard careers are definitely for you.

What it takes:

There are a number of training academies today that can train you to become a professional bodyguard. However there are a few key skills that you may already need to have before you can enrol to take on training to make a career out of it. To become a bodyguard you need to be fearless, you need to be a team worker and you should be selflessly devoted to the person you are meant to protect. Keen observation skills and combat skills will be taught to you and you should be willing to learn. The ability to always remain alert and agile is something you will have to inculcate within yourself if you want to be a good bodyguard.


Depending on the training you receive and the skill you have, you can work with a variety of clients. You can provide your services by listing yourself in agencies that provide bodyguards on a contract basis or you could work independently as well. Bodyguard careers with VIPs, celebrities and executives can garner you a lot of money. Most bodyguards who provide services to high profile clients are extremely well paid.


If you are worried that bodyguard careers only offer cons, you are mistaken. You may live life on the edge as a bodyguard but the number of pros the job brings with it is tremendous as well. As a bodyguard you will get to travel a lot, you will face a number of challenges and constantly find the need to reinvent your style of working depending on which part of the globe you are travelling to.

If you are serving as a bodyguard to a high profile executive or celebrity, you will have the opportunity to spend as much time as you want with these interesting people and also witness an alternate lifestyle that an average man is not privy to. And of course, bodyguard careers offer great salaries, the better you are and the higher your client is in society, you will be compensated accordingly.

Bodyguard careers are not for everyone. They are selectively for people who dare to live life for another person. A good bodyguard will give up his life to protect his client and will fight to the finish to ensure that his client remains protected. A keen sense of loyalty is an absolute must if you want to try your hand at this profession.

Bodyguard Careers

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