Jobs for Bodyguards

Available Types of Jobs for Bodyguards

The bodyguard is one of the most ancient professions in history. Since the time when people began to live together in communal settings with defined leadership beyond family heads there have been bodyguards of some type. Whether these guards were merely friends looking out for their leaders and loved ones or they were paid guards, the end result was the same. They guarded someone. Professional bodyguards as a trade did not come about in full effect until the advent of true civilization. This lead to the ability of certain individuals to spend more time honing defensive skills for work purposes rather than hunting or farming.

What Types of Jobs for Bodyguards Exist?

There are several types of jobs for bodyguards. The most prolific types are high level executive defense officers and those designed around protecting celebrities or government dignitaries. Corporate bodyguards, government service bodyguards, and private bodyguards make up the bulk of the industry at present. The operational venue for this type of work changes constantly along with the technology and a successful bodyguard will need to be aware of these changes on a day to day basis.

Corporate Service

The jobs for bodyguards at this level vary wildly in their pay scale. The pay depends on the company they work for and the level of service required. There is no typical pay for bodyguards, however many make between $10 and $55 per hour. There are also contracted individuals who are paid on a straight salary but these individuals are normally always on call even when their assigned body to guard is not generally in danger. Typically these types of jobs for bodyguards include securing corporate interests in regards to the safety of important company officials and possibly keeping the press at bay.

Government Service

There are several types of jobs for bodyguards in government service related fields. One of the most well known is the secret service field agent. These individuals guard ad protect the president and other important government officials in America. Similar agents of a different variety protect the royal family and government officials in the UK. Generally bodyguards perform similar services world wide via their own national government structures.

Government service contracts are often of the salary variety and the individual is always on call for the most part. The jobs for bodyguards in this niche require a solid education, a clean criminal background, and dedication. Experience in law enforcement or the military of the home nation is often a requirement as well.

Private Security

These types of jobs for bodyguards are split among celebrities and people who simply have dangerous lines of work where they must travel through areas that are unsafe. Anyone from an affluent software designer to the latest rock star of note may have bodyguards. Adult club owners often have internal security which doubles as bodyguards for the working girls in the club during office hours.

Private security bodyguards can have a wide array of background types. However, most individuals want large physically impressive bodyguards who have extensive training in firearms and hand-to-hand combat. A college education might also be a requirement for some, but not all, individuals who hire these types of bodyguards.

Jobs for bodyguards in this niche are plentiful and some are even quite easy to acquire. An individual simply needs to be competent, a non-criminal, and willing to be with their charge at all times. They must be cordial but aggressive in defense of their charge's life and personal space. Typically these types of individuals are hired to protect teen music sensations, workers in dangerous combat areas, and even provide escort services for individuals who fear being stalked. The services are not cheap but they often deter would-be trouble makers.

Jobs for Bodyguards

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