Type of Bodyguard Jobs

There are plenty of people looking for a bodyguard job, but many do not know what different types of jobs there are available, and this is proving to be costly because as we all know the world of employment is struggling. In this guide, we will explore four different types of bodyguard jobs and what each of the jobs entails.

Celebrity Bodyguard

Many people that venture into the bodyguard profession dream of becoming a celebrity bodyguard. Most of the work does involve keeping fans at an arm's length, but there is a lot more involved in a celebrity bodyguard job. All clients will expect you to be fully certified, have good recommendations, be good with people, and be able to follow precise and demanding rules. Some celebrity bodyguards will expect the same service that is offered to a political bodyguard, while others are slightly more relaxed in their approach. Rate of payment varies depending on the popularity of the celebrity, but you should expect to be receiving in the region of $100-$200 an hour.

Political Bodyguard

Many trainees aspire to become a political bodyguard. As you would expect you need to be at the top of your profession to be a political bodyguard. If you are a political bodyguard, you should expect to work alongside a large team due to the severity of any potential attacks. A political bodyguard will often be expected to carry out mundane duties including; planning driving routes and searching vehicles, but their duty remains the same, to protect the client. All political bodyguards need to have top-of-the-range training, which includes; unarmed combat, firearms tactics, crowd screening, first aid and tactical driving, this is why many political bodyguards have backgrounds in the police or even the army. A political bodyguard can be paid anything in the region of $50,000 to $200,000 a year.

Children's Bodyguards

The specifications for a children's bodyguard are extremely similar to that of a celebrity bodyguard, however, you will obviously be expected to be good with children. Most bodyguards that work for children will be expected to be a competent driver, as one of their duties will be to escort the child to and from place of education; this means they will need to be trained in evasive driving. Children's bodyguards should expect to be paid anything from $80-200 an hour.

Close Protection Bodyguard

A close protection bodyguard is a bodyguard whose sole purpose is to escort the VIP when they are walking, so that they are not in any danger. When working with political members, close protection bodyguards need to pass vision, hearing and physical tests to prove they have excellent physical attributes, that a job of this statue demands.

The people that require the services of a bodyguard need them because in a time of danger they can be lifesavers. In fact, for many political bodyguards, one of the job requirements is that you would take a bullet for your client. With dedication like this, all bodyguards need to have a certain level of allegiance that is simply not found among many.

Type of Bodyguard Jobs

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