Bodyguard jobs in Abu Dhabi

The Holiday season is a season of parties. When you have people gathered in one place and alcohol is involved, can not be a bad idea to have several bodyguards on hand to prevent the onset or worsening of conflicts between revellers too passionate. And that's where security comes to offer their services that you can not you ever thought about. You don't have to be Whitney Houston to your hire a bodyguard. Security agencies on the market offers a wide range of security services. First think of bodyguards for events, or companies or individuals.

No system can protect your life better than a tall and muscular man and able to fight. But the agency also offers ancillary services such as selling and installing alarm and detection systems, video monitoring, counselling, transportation values.

For any security guard or bodyguard that you want to employ, you should check before you do this, what is his background, with who worked before and especially what is his references. You do not want to rely on someone you don't know.

Bodyguards in Abu Dhabi have professional intervention teams, which, due to impressive physique, education and, last but not least, the self-rule in conflict management, qualities acquired through years of training will change the bodyguard image.

Being a Bodyguard in Abu Dhabi is different from being a security guard who is guarding objectives of institutions. Those who seek such services are those who have trouble with the underworld or to accompany them in the roads between firms and banks not to be attacked on the street or wherever they are. They intervene whenever necessary to defend those who are attacked and seek their services. Bodyguards from Abu Dhabi are not uniform and civilians accompanying them on those who seek their services and may be even girls who can intervene at any time with armament. Bodyguards are involved in possible attacks and in collaboration with the police announcing that whenever necessary.

Some important advise before you take an Bodyguard job in Abu Dhabi.

When you're struggling, your first concern is the objective. Drive it to the shelter. Do not fight back until the objective is not safe. Remember! Do not shoot to kill, shoot to protect your lens. When escorting a target across the street on foot, Move Fast! Free space is the best place to ambush. Take your aim at the shelter as soon as possible. If fired upon do not turn to fight back. This will leave you unprotected target, exposed to hazards such as the target of a sniper or a kidnapping.

When escorting the lens with a helicopter flying at an average height and speed.

Never pull your weapon unless fired upon or if you believe that goal is in jeopardy.

When a target is at a meeting keep your weapon hidden for the world, not to panic them. Always be alert - crowds are perfect for ambushes. If you got into an ambush do not shoot in crowd, keep your objective safe.

Bodyguard jobs in Abu Dhabi

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