Bodyguard Jobs in South Africa

A bodyguard's job is very complex and dangerous. There are many international Firms throughout the world that maintain a portfolio of great personal and executive bodyguards for hire. South Africa has a great number of Security companies due to the fact that SA has lots of able bodied men's looking to start a career in the Security Industry.

Getting that bodyguard job

Most of the time bodyguards are hired by private firms to work for their clients, only occasionally you might be hired by a single individual or family. So if you are looking for bodyguards jobs in South Africa then you should start your search by taking a look at International security firms. But before that – are you prepared to take on the competition?

Challenges you will face in this field

The biggest challenge which most people will face is getting good bodyguards jobs in South Africa. Since South Africa has a large number of people looking to get into this field the challenges are plenty. Before you actually start job hunting, take a look at your training and qualifications. Are you trained enough? Do you meet the minimum international standards? You might not require training for local jobs, but if you are going for International Firms then training can be an important factor.

In addition to training, experience always counts. Have you ever been involved in any sort of bodyguard's jobs in South Africa or internationally before? If yes, then you have a head start compared to others who are simply starting out.

Your skills counts

No matter what the belief is, the fact remains that the security industry careers starts and ends with your physical state. Even if you don't have any proper training or experience, if you are strong and healthy you might have a chance to start out. But always remember that you will need good skills to make it through, as being a bodyguard is playing with yours and other people's life.

If you are serious then start working on your firearm skills, your concentration and basically your body. Getting a professional firearm training will also give you advantage over others. In fact most security firms will not even assign you any Bodyguard jobs in South Africa or on any international locations unless you have the proper training. Starting a career in the security industry as a bodyguard can be a hard decision to take for some but it is the most rewarding job if you like playing with guns and bombs, along with the nice fat pay checks that you get.

With power comes great responsibility

If you do manage to get a bodyguards job in South Africa, do keep in mind that with power comes great responsibility. The title and job you hold can be of great consequences if you do not do your job the way you are supposed to. The security of the client is of top most concern as the reputation of the security firm now rests in your hands along with the duty to safeguard and protect the lives of the clients, your colleagues and of course your own.

Bodyguard Jobs in South Africa

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