Bodyguard Jobs in the Middle East

What are bodyguard jobs in the Middle East?

Bodyguards in the Middle East are people who are trained to safeguard individuals. Most times, they work for government officials and other important personalities such as top business men and women. Owing to the needs and the individuals being protected, bodyguards may be hired as a team or just as an individual. Whatever the case, a bodyguard is expected to know how to work as part of a team or individually. It is the work of those who have chosen bodyguard jobs in the Middle East to survey places where their clients are bound to be before they visit. Bodyguards working for political figures are even much closer to them than their personal assistants.

The bodyguard job is very essential in places where security of lives and properties is a problem to deal with. There are many places where the need for security is phenomenal. Such places include the countries in the Middle East: Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Israel, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Palestinian Authority, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar, where violence occurs as a result of debates in economical and political issues. Definitely, the Middle East is not the only area where there is fear for security; it is only used here as a case study.

Training/requirements of bodyguard jobs in the Middle East

Most people think that bodyguards are normally huge or gigantic. Well, while this may be considered true in some cases, average height people can also become very good bodyguards. This is because the essential features of bodyguards are not actually the natural features but the trainings undergone.

People who undertake bodyguard jobs in the Middle East should be able to defeat at least four attackers in any physical combat. Thus, they have to work on their physical fitness. They also need to know how to speak well, plan dates and events, and work in difficult environments. Since their position is first considered in the security of their clients, they should be able to place other security agents at strategic positions. Those that take bodyguard jobs in the Middle East are also trained to be vigilant and sensitive to any security threat. To get good bodyguard jobs in the Middle East, one may need to have a high school certificate. In the high schools, the bodyguards must have learnt self defense skills, first aid and how to use fire arms at different ranges. Good enough, it takes a very short time (about one to twelve months) to get a high school diploma for this course.

The benefits of bodyguard jobs in the Middle East

Bodyguard jobs in the Middle East have been effective in preventing crime. Owing to the trainings received, the bodyguards become knowledgeable and experienced in building defensive and attacking mechanisms for their safety even in dangerous places. Besides, it is a good way of earning very fat income and being connected with very important personalities. As a matter of fact, people undertaking bodyguard jobs in the Middle East can earn above $80,000 per year.


The future of bodyguard jobs in the Middle East is still promising. There is no doubt that when economies grow and political issues are frequently updated, the need for security is often prioritized; hence, the need for bodyguards. There are many companies in the Middle East that individuals seeking safety can contract. This shows how important the industry has now become.

Bodyguard Jobs in the Middle East

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