Bodyguard jobs in France: a must for every French Celebrity

Are you looking for a bodyguard in France who can help you in preventing mishaps like assault, kidnap, assassination or leakage of any personal data? All most all who's who of the globe use the bodyguards for this purpose. There are several agencies which specialize in offering bodyguard jobs in France to both individuals and govern institutions. In this article, we will focus upon responsibility associated with bodyguard jobs in France, types of bodyguards, career prospective for people wishing to become bodyguards and how to hire a bodyguard in France.

Job responsibility

Responsibility of bodyguard jobs in France might not match to the status of bodyguards as depicted in popular Hollywood Flicks. Simultaneously, the responsibilities of a bodyguard to a politician vary from that of a bodyguard of a film star or business man. However, there are some common job responsibilities in each case. They are

  • Planning the route through which the client will visit a place, making a prior and minute search of the meeting place
  • Proper research of present and past background of the person whom the client is meeting
  • Escorting the client to the place of meeting
  • Preparing the daily schedule of the client

Types of bodyguards in France

Depending upon the nature of the responsibility bodyguard jobs in France are of different types. In some cases, the bodyguard is a driver and needs to drive the car of the client. Professionals engaged in this activity are trained with skills like evasive driving technique, cornering car even at its highest speed and capability of turning the car in shorter radius. Along with, the professional needs to know the use of fire extinguisher and latest communication technologies like megaphone and PA system.

In some cases, bodyguards having weapon handing capacity are also hired by the clients. If the client resides in high risk areas, the bodyguard needs to have the knowledge and license to use sub-machine guns and assault rifles. Generally, armed bodyguard jobs in France require the skill and license to use pistols, handguns and knowledge of using some less-lethal weapons like pepper spray, teaser and baton. Along with the professional needs to master the art of countering sniper weapons and tactics used by opponents. It means he is expected to prevent the exposure of the client to the risk of any firing or such sort of activities.

Career prospective

Generally bodyguard jobs in France are high-paying ones. However, there is no fixed limit what a professional can earn in this job. It varies from clients to clients and performance of the professional in crucial situations. Before joining as a bodyguard, a person has to undergo rigorous training. There are several agencies in France offering these training facilities. However, they charge for the training.

How to hire a bodyguard in France?

Internet can help you a lot in this regard. All most all leading agencies offering bodyguard jobs in France have their own website. You can scan through the services they provide, their clients and fee they charge from their websites. After minutely analyzing the above mentioned aspects you can figure out an agency and a body guard for you matching to your requirements.

To conclude, life of a celebrity is always at risk everywhere in the world. Hence, In France, hiring bodyguard jobs in France is a wise decision to make for preventing malicious and life-threatening activities against you.

Bodyguard Jobs in France

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