Bodyguard jobs in Iraq

The life of a bodyguard is not normally as glamorous or even as dangerous as the movies and popular fiction would have people believe. However, there are occasionally actions and jobs in this field which allow for a greater chance for this sort of interaction to occur. One of the easiest ways to find that life of possible danger is to locate bodyguard jobs in Iraq.

How Do You Acquire Bodyguard Jobs in Iraq?

The types of bodyguard jobs in Iraq currently are generally only available to individuals who hire on through large companies and private security forces such as the company formerly known as Blackwater or Haliburton. These types of jobs are operational theater work in a combat zone and almost all companies who might hire someone for this type of position will require that they have spent considerably time in the military or law enforcement before accepting a position and training to utilize their specific procedures.

Generally, most companies who hire individuals for bodyguard jobs in Iraq will require three items. These items are a minimum of four years in law enforcement or a combat specialty in the military, a clean criminal background check, and a reasonable credit rating. The last item is due to the fact that some people feel a low credit score might equal pressure to steal or may be indicative of poor work performance.

What Do Bodyguard Jobs in Iraq Entail?

There are several basic functions of the bodyguard in Iraq. These individuals are often referred to as close protection forces or officers. Their primary duty is to guard a specific individual or group. Some guard government officials for various countries while others guard corporate personnel and job sites. These bodyguards perform a wide variety of services in this regard. They must check vehicles for improvised explosive devices, carry a high-end firearm, drive armored vehicles, and be able to safely and securely transport their charge from area to area.

There are more aspects to this job type than simply walking around and looking tough. All individuals entering a location with their client in attendance must be searched or checked out through a list of names and considerations in many cases. People who approach in any respect will often need to be verified as a non-threat. These bodyguards must be drivers, personal assistants, and bouncers all at once. In some areas they may even need to perform the role of food or drink testers, though this is not as common for American or United Kingdom related bodyguard work.

How Much Do Bodyguard Jobs in Iraq Pay?

The amount of money a close protection officer can earn via contract will vary according to the company and individual's they work for. It is quite typical for a first time bodyguard to receive $100,000 for a one year contract. However, once this initial contract is performed that number can easily double as they are now fully qualified to work in the area due to further experience. Some individuals with special forces or equivalent training will start out with $150,000 to $180,000 per year. The amount of money which can be made will also depend on the position the individual works. Someone guarding a check point or an entrance for the client might make less than someone who is constantly on call at their charge's side.

It is not unheard of for senior close protection officers who are in charge of an overall bodyguard element to make three or four hundred thousand dollars per year. However, this is atypical as the general pay for high-end individuals in this role is usually between $180,000 to $250,000. The pay depends on experience and location mostly.

Bodyguard Jobs in Iraq

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