Bodyguard jobs in Yemen

Demand for Bodyguard Jobs

With the increase in violence, terrorist threats as well as crimes around the world, the security industry has witnessed a significant growth, in the past few years. Apparently, the 9/11 attack, in the United States of America, caused a rippling effect on this industry. In fact, the security industry has been placed on the list of top global growth industries of the past 25 years; and is expected in the top 10 list, of the same, for the next 25 years.

With the growth in this industry, as expected, there has been a noticeable growth in its close protection (bodyguard) sector, as well. Any significant security issue, in any part of the world, has a major impact in this sector, in other parts of the world. For example, the attempted assassination of a British Consulate, in April of 2010, did not only result in an increase in the number of bodyguard jobs in Yemen; but also heightened the demand for bodyguards globally.

Qualifications for Bodyguard Job

It is the large size of this industry, which makes it less competitive, and thus extremely attractive. However, less competition in the industry does not mean lesser competency of the candidates. And therefore while looking for bodyguard jobs in Yemen, New York or anywhere else in the world, one has to have the proper skills as well as training. The most basic, inherent attributes, expected in bodyguards is alertness, and that they should be keen observers of potential security issues. They should have the ability of assessing threats and there on to deal with them; such as controlling crowds at a political rally, sorting out the uninvited guests at a party, or eyeing an over eager paparazzi. This requires them to have an excelling vision and hearing, and also be physically fit and strong.

The set of acquired skills comprise of advanced driving techniques, weapons disarming, conflict avoidance, anti terrorism techniques, dispute resolution, counter surveillance, first aid and weapon usage, among others. A number of bodyguards come from law enforcement or military backgrounds and are therefore trained in the above skills. For others, many training courses are offered that provide you training in these skills to impart you with the proper qualification for bodyguard jobs in Yemen; or Italy or perhaps elsewhere in the world.

Bodyguard Jobs in Yemen

Whether you are looking for bodyguard jobs in Yemen or bodyguard jobs in the United States, there are a number of websites and employment agencies, which can assist you in finding the same. Your job profile may include servicing politicians, celebrities or wealthy families; who happen to carry the risk of probable kidnapping, assassination, stalking etc.

Although bodyguards don't have any sort of legal powers, like that of the military or the police force; they play an extremely important role in the maintenance of peace and order. This why there has been a heightened growth in the number of bodyguard jobs in Yemen, in recent years; as it is facing a rising threat from al-Qaeda.

Bodyguard Jobs in Yemen

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