Bodyguard jobs in Mexico

The bodyguard jobs in Mexico are expected to grow significantly in the coming few years. The reason is the high level of kidnappings which have been estimated to be 3000+ per year. Moreover, the increasing number of assassinations is also a reason that the bodyguard jobs in Mexico are increasing. If you are intending to go for such bodyguard jobs in Mexico then it's important that you be aware about the various features of the bodyguard jobs in Mexico. It's important to know about the paying rates, training that is required and the nature of the work you are going to undertake. Here is given some information regarding the bodyguard jobs in Mexico which can help you understand this industry better and make a good choice for yourself.

The Different Working Conditions:

The main reason for bodyguard employments by some people is that they are usually action guaranteed in their work. They are likely to be exposed to eminent danger too. There come a lot of such situations which bodyguard has to handle. The well-trained bodyguards are capable of handling such unusual and unexpected situations. A properly trained bodyguard can handle 4 unarmed attackers at a time. The training and working in bodyguard industry can provide you with reasonable income especially when you are providing VIP or executive services. The average hours a bodyguard has to work is usualy 6 hours but still it depends upon the company offering the job. There are some less attractive bodyguard jobs in Mexico too as protecting a shopping mall, a bank or private properties. In these jobs a bodyguard has to be alone so he ought to have good defence skills.

The Bodyguard Industry:

The bodyguard industry is a large one and provides quite a large number of jobs so it's not really competitive as compared to other job industries. But still you have got to meet a job criteria. You have to attend a bodyguard training prior of working as bodyguard while taking bodyguard jobs in Mexico.

The Bodyguard Training:

It depends upon the nature of the job that which bodyguard trainings you need to take. The new candidates however are always required to take basic training to understand the aspects of the industry. The bodyguard training courses are designed to provide you with these skills. These include first aid, anti terrorism, close protection, risk assessment, weapons disarming, unarmed combat, dispute resolution, defensive driving and executive protection. You ought to be physically fit, good observant and be able to work as a team as well individually when required. Moreover you should stay calm under pressure and should have good planning skills. As a bodyguard you have a lot more responsibility. It's not only to wear a uniform but you have got to protect all the people surrounding you. You need to have a first aid certificate too so that you would know how to handle an injured person. Bodyguard jobs in Mexico require a high level of skills, confidence as well as physical fitness. Bodyguard jobs in Mexico have a benefit of good salary and exposure to the world. Although bodyguards don't have legal status as police but still they play a supportive and protective role in the society. They make sure that everyone says safe and helps protect the society from the dangers of kidnappings, bankrobberies, assassinations, public brawls and other similar incidents.

Bodyguard Jobs in Mexico

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