Bodyguard jobs in Kenya

Crime runs rampant in the African country of Kenya. Every day, many people in Kenya are the victims of violent crime, especially in the cities of Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu. For this reason, the need for bodyguards for protection in Kenya is increasing. For example, in Nairobi, on average, there are ten vehicle hijackings daily. The police there have limited resources to combat these criminals. Particularly, tourists visiting the country are targeted by armed assailants and are often robbed, kidnapped or killed. Thus, bodyguard jobs in Kenya are available to the right individuals.

Who Needs a Bodyguard in Kenya

Bodyguard jobs in Kenya are attainable if a person knows where to look. Targeting wealthy individuals who are traveling to the country is a start. Potential clients are often visiting Kenya for business and need to be protected if traveling through dangerous cities, like the aforementioned Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. Also, wealthy residents in the country should also be targeted as potential clients. Usually, residents of Kenya looking for a bodyguard are powerful in business and need protection or they have children who they believe are potentially in danger.

How to Find Bodyguard Jobs in Kenya

Understanding the needs of the individual will help in landing a bodyguard job in Kenya. Does the client have a strictly business-related schedule? If this is the case, a bodyguard can control the routes taken to various destinations. Or is the visit for pleasure? Will sightseeing be involved, where there are more unknown variables related to location and people? If this is the case, more research regarding the places and people to be visited will need to be done. Understanding the client's needs will help with getting a bodyguard job in Kenya since this understanding will impress the client and make them feel secure about the bodyguard's ability to keep them safe.

Required Knowledge for Kenyan Bodyguards

For bodyguards in Kenya, having a working knowledge of the land, people and language is key to success. Often, potential attackers are native to the country and understand the lay of the land. If a bodyguard is to protect their client, they must have an equally thorough knowledge of the places their clients will travel. Second, the people of a city are more likely to trust their own people, so if a bodyguard isn't Kenyan, making connections in the country would help a bodyguard be successful there. Also, it can help in finding bodyguard jobs in Kenya. Third, being fluent in the language of particularly city of Kenya in which a bodyguard will work is important. The national language of Kenya is Swahili and English.

Bodyguard jobs in Kenya are within reach if an individual knows where to look and what they need to be successful. Targeting individuals who are wealthy, whether they are tourists or residents is wise, as they are the individuals who can afford a bodyguard. Next, a bodyguard needs to understand the potential client's destinations within the country. Lastly, to be successful and get a job as a bodyguard in Kenya, a person must understand the land, people and language of Kenya.

Bodyguard Jobs in Kenya

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