Bodyguard jobs in Somalia

The unexpected twists and turns that life takes often, can leave you in dire need of people to provide you with security to your physical existence at times.

The need of personal bodyguards in Somalia

The case is so much the same in a place like Somalia where you may be faced with bodily risked particularly because of volatile political climates. As such there is a huge requirement for people who can fulfill the services of a bodyguard in such a country. The task of protecting someone is one of both responsibility and risk. As such it is essential that anyone thinking of joining such a profession is ready and willing to leave themselves open to any bodily risk themselves. They need to be physically fit and well built in order to meet the physical strain and requirement of such a job and at the same time they must also be willing to sharpen their senses, particularly their sense of awareness, a quality absolutely imperative requisite to the job profile.

The challenging job and its tremendous scope

Somalia offers a huge opportunity for the post of a bodyguard. There are several security institutions that recruit minds that show an inclination towards the responsible task of protecting and serving the best interests of the people. While there aren't any stern educational requirements, basic educational background of anyone in this job has to be sound. This becomes essential for anyone who has to undergo training and conditioning for the job. While the job opportunities are in plenty, the pay is also high, considering the risk factor involved. The best part of performing such a task is that it can test your physical and mental limits. The job is challenging without a doubt and is only for those people who are up for a challenge up their road. Those who find a satisfaction in protecting others are probably the fittest for such a job.

The perks

This job also provides the family of the employee a load of facilities. For instance there is an insurance benefit that is involved in the whole process, something that is absolutely essential for anyone whose life is at risk. There is a scope for the family to get further benefits from those who employ the person as a bodyguard in case of injury or a fatal turn during the job. The pay is definitely high. Moreover there are also facilities like housing from some institutions as well.

How to apply?

Most job listings of this category are found in newspaper adverts or in classified sections of papers however the internet job sites are also full of bodyguard jobs in Somalia. The only problem is that there are several people that end up applying for the same job which results in a rat race for the post. While in most cases experience is counted over relative inexperience, in some cases they look for skills specific to the nature of job at hand. Hence it is always advisable that you do have some extra skilled training at hand just in case it may be needed over the course of a job.

Bodyguard Jobs in Somalia

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