Bodyguard jobs in Thailand


The body guard industry is huge and forever growing, especially in the last twenty years. In Thailand body guards are generally required to attend a training course unless hired by a person privately. Training courses teach potential body guards basic first aid training, weapons training and self defence techniques. As the industry is becoming so large it is not as competitive as it was twenty years ago; although those with military and police experience are highly regarded as they already have the skills and experience needed for certain positions.

People who need body guards

There are many situations in life when people require body guards. For example in Thailand the elite class, government officials, film and movie stars and even westerners will hire body guards to protect them. Properties such as banks, hotels and shopping malls are also often seen with a guard outside at night. The guards protecting property are usually on their own which is where the self defence skills are important.


Many Thai people however are still under the belief that they are living in a one hundred percent peaceful country and so many companies operate on a sense of false security. As much of the political unrest and violence is downplayed in the media many companies do not see the political unrest and in turn do not place too much money in security. This can leave companies with inadequate protection or with corrupt guards who are often poorly paid and in return are not loyal to the company.

It is not only the guards in Thailand however who can be corrupt, often it can be the people hiring them. Thai body guards are often hired by westerners who are participating in illegal things on a daily basis. As most of the trouble is likely to be from Thai's it makes sense to hire Thai body guards rather than Westerners as Westerners often lack the knowledge and/or language to understand Thai people. These body guards can be anything from ex police to army generals and they are often paid generously. Problems can easily be sorted out or ignored when the body guard is high up in the military or police fields.


The wages for body guards vary throughout the country and also depending on the job. The average pay for a Thai body guard protecting a westerner on a day to day basis and living at his house is 15,000 baht a month (around $480). However ex-police and military guards can be expected to earn a lot more than this as they are still legally entitled to carry their guns and use them if necessary. A twenty-four hour stint by an ex police guard can earn them anything between 15,000 to 45,000 baht per day in the Bangkok area, although the hirer is guaranteed with the utmost security.


The body guard industry in Thailand is growing on a yearly basis and with a vast difference of people needing body guards this figure is likely to continue growing over the coming years. How much a body guard will protect a person however is often down to money and loyalty and it is not always easy to tell if the guard you are hiring is loyal.

Bodyguard Jobs in Thailand

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