Bodyguard jobs in Iran

The on-going political disturbances in Iran have made it indispensible for politicians and dignitaries to move around with a body guard. Iran is a country where the definition of war is known to even the most illiterate person and the current scenario in the country has caused businessmen and other professionals to hire bodyguards for their own safety as well as their respective family's safety.

A Bodyguard Job: Pros and Cons

Being a bodyguard gives you the opportunity to be with celebrities, politicians and dignitaries and there is a lot of excitement that comes with the job. However the job of a bodyguard is a dangerous job and as a bodyguard, you would need to handle a big responsibility: the responsibility of saving lives. Experienced bodyguards can expect great wages while beginners can start with a decent salary by joining a security company. There are a number of security providing firms that send their employees overseas to protect individuals and dignitaries who keep visiting various countries around the world. If you successfully get such a job, you can expect a monthly pay-scale ranging from $50,000 to $100,000. Iran is one of those places where the bet of bodyguards are employed and these bodyguards have to maintain their alertness for hours together. As a bodyguard, you might also get the opportunity to visit exotic locations but at the same time, you have to be prepared to put your life at stake to save somebody else's life.

Training for the Profession

Of course, you need to have stellar fitness levels in order to be a bodyguard but along with fitness, you need to go through a bodyguard training program. If you are looking for a bodyguard job in Iran, it is important for you to go through a counter-terrorism training as well. A bachelor's degree in terrorism studies and protection is also a must for you if you are looking for a bodyguard job in Iran.

Some of the major ingredients of the training program are:

  • Programs on handling arms and ammunition
  • Self-defense skills
  • Management of bomb threats
  • Threat assessment
  • Acquainting yourself with biological, nuclear and chemical weapons
  • Resisting kidnaps and combat skills

If you have military training or martial arts training, you have an edge over the other candidates who would be applying for the same job. Similarly if you have a military background with some extent of expertise in medicines, you would be the ideal candidate for the job.

Growth and Opportunities

You might start off as a bodyguard guarding a bank or a political organization but with the recent increment in terrorist activities, you can expect calls from all over the world. Finding a bodyguard job in Iran is not very tough in the present times and professionals with some experience and a certified course can easily find jobs in the middle-east. As the years go by, a bodyguard gains a lot of confidence and this very confidence makes him a better bodyguard.

Bodyguard Jobs in Iran

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