Bodyguard jobs in Japan

Some people on the planet really need to make sure that they are as safe as they possibly can be, and that's something that's understood pretty well in Japan, as it can genuinely be dangerous in the country. In all the countries in the world, there do not seem to be very many opportunities that are more worthwhile than bodyguard jobs in Japan. It's a fast-paced position, and only those possessing some of the highest levels of physical prowess that obtain the best jobs. While it may be a arduous journey to be a bodyguard, there are quite a few people who have successfully completed all of the necessary training and have went on to lead some pretty illustrious lives because of it.

Typical Duties of the Bodyguard

Bodyguard duties are those that seem to be pretty simply to grasp. It's very important for any prospective bodyguard that there is generally rigorous training involved, even for jobs that seem to be pretty straightforward. As for specific duties, it can vary. While some of the duties of bodyguards may differ per client, there are still some regular duties that do not change much from employer to employer. Basically, the bodyguard is to be sure that their principal is safe at all times, including:

  • Investigating location before client arrives
  • Shielding client from injury
  • Driving client to and from destinations
  • Keeping client safe from unwanted attention

Considering the vastly different types of people who may be in need for bodyguards in Japan, it can be especially difficult to determine what one principle would want out of a bodyguard than another. For instance, some jobs may be a simple 9-5 job, and albeit rare, some may constitute a heavy traveling schedule in some pretty hostile countries.

Attributes of A Stellar Bodyguard

If a person is looking for bodyguards in Japan, it certainly doesn't hurt to have a police or military background, as these people already have been determined to possess a particular amount of skills that will make them genuinely effective for the job at hand. Vigilance is integral to the success of any bodyguard or Close Protection Officer (CPO), and this is generally why people that were trained in the military or police services are great fits. Namely, former personnel work well as bodyguards because they have exhibited:

  • Proficiency in unarmed combat
  • Specialism in tactics
  • A penchant for tactical driving

Normally, a particular job will still have to train their prospective bodyguards, which is mostly a refresher course on both of what they may have learned in their past careers, as well as some specialized courses that are unique to the specific job. Also, it's noteworthy to state that there are some associations for bodyguards that some companies hold in high regard. While high rankings with respective police forces or militaries are surely important, these are just a part of what some companies may look for. Although, those with these types of backgrounds generally do receive some very lucrative jobs, but the further training is generally what separates a good candidate from an impressive bodyguard.

Bodyguard Jobs in Japan

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